The Venus Factor - Workout Review

I ran across The Venus Factor while looking for weight loss program. Being a full-time university student while working, it's really tough having the ability devote lots of time to exercise. Venus Factor

A few months ago a girlfriend of mine convinced me to become listed on her Zumba class. Even though the results were good so far as weight reduction goes, it had been really hard for me to work my hectic agenda round the set times for classes 3x weekly. Not forgetting I looked like a whole fool wanting to dance like a sexy Latin goddess before a room full of strangers. I thought it was a great deal; only $45 per month, however i finished up skipping classes as a result of my schedule as well as the weight swept up beside me. Then I knew I desired to test something different.

My cousin who'd a baby many months ago recommended The Venus Step to me. She tried on the extender to lose the child weight and she looks fantastic and so i made a decision to give it a go. And becoming a mother of the young child, I knew her schedule was tight like mine.

A bit particulars on the Venus Factor: It is a body transformation program specifically designed for woman only. Instead of being focused around calorie restrictive diets and shedding pounds like crazy with frequent intense workouts, the aim of The Venus Factor would be to help shape your natural figure right into a more fit, curvy, feminine form of yourself. Things i really found liberating was it's not focused on the quantity of pounds you've lost and sometimes weighing yourself. Honestly, I have not weighed myself in weeks! Instead you discover ways to shed weight where you require it most, which for women is generally our tummies, thighs, butts and arms. The workouts are designed just for women, so you don't waste your time as well as training elements of the body that do not absolutely need it through exercises that are designed more for shaping your physique. By focusing on shedding fat in which you visually require it most, The Venus Factor makes every 5 pounds you lose seem like 10. This program isn't about learning to be a skinny size 0 model type, because let's face it girls, not everybody has that body type! Instead, you learn to turn your personal figure to the healthiest, fittest, most attractive sort of you.

The workouts in this program are created to be done 72 hours weekly in the home. You don't need any expensive exercise equipment. I enjoy this part owing to my schedule, I often never know just when I'll have time to squeeze inside a workout.

Perhaps my favorite point about this program may be the dieting guide, and that i make use of the term dieting loosely. The Venus Factor explains about special strategies to increase a woman's metabolism. Special herbs, important vitamins and particular foods will increase your leptin levels (a natural fat-burning hormone) and also hardwearing . metabolism high, for top possible weight loss results. I can't excel with restrictive dieting. I really like carbs! I love pizza, frozen goodies and french-fried potatoes. I've never had the ability to stay with a no-carb/low-carb diet for this reason. Yes, because this is a weight-loss plan you need to carry out some limiting in what you eat so when, but just forget about calorie counting and skipping meals silly. It is a workout-centric program. In the end you have a wide array of foods to eat and you will be capable of indulge on your favorite sweets and carbs, moderately obviously. Venus Factor

The Venus Factor is just $47. I was already practically spending the same thing in my Zumba classes, but since i wasn't reaching all of my classes I was wasting my money. I canceled my Zumba class and spent the money on The Venus Factor. There was clearly a 2 month money back guarantee therefore i figured it was worth a try. I didnrrrt have the time to get a gym membership, along with other workouts I investigated like Brazil Butt Lift as well as the Insanity Workout ran up to $100.

But yes, the training is tough. But if you want results, no matter the program, you will need to work at it. When you have any injuries, many times some of the workouts to become too straining. I injured my knee a few years ago and have needed to develop adjustments within the exercises personally.


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